Sequence Sheet find by name

  • I can easily have 50-150 sequence sheets. Is there any kind of search/filter function/cmd/macro that I can quickly find a sequence sheet by name?

    For now I'm clustering sequence sheets in alpha order with spaces in between (IE all the A's together with 4 or 5 empty spaces, all the B's, etc).

  • Thanks! That will be somewhat helpful. Not exactly an intelligent search. For example, if I type in

    List Sequence "*you*"

    it will find all sequences that contains "you", "your", etc... however, it will not list the sequence if it STARTS with "you"

    Not really a problem on my end but I just thought I'd point that out.

  • I think he wants a general search term to find all cases, Beginning, Middle and End.

    This seems to be a bug in the way that the * gobbing character is interpreted. In most languages * means 0 or more matches of any number of characters.

    So in Regex you would have to enter .* but this would find anything with the word you

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