sACN to viz on same computer

  • Hi

    How can I send sACN to my L8 visualiser on the same computer?

    Using works for artnet but in this instance I need sACN.

    I put preferred up on and the interface on, enable out put and send sACN if idlemaster.

    The sACN data is enabled and is set to output multicast. Local universe 1 and amour of 4. But L8 doesn’t see any sACN data

  • You cannot multicast to, because E1.31 multicast sends to 239.255.0.x and this leads to nowhere.

    Change this to unicast and now you can "call home".

    As an alternative, try using the fixed IP address of your computer. And I would be suspicious that both programs will use the same port(s) (5568) which is hard to debug, if it's the case.
    [edit] hoss explained the problem very well below, and he made a point where I decided to strike through my post. [/edit]

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  • 239.255.0.x "is" one of the multicast addresses it's independent from the interface outside of what interface is bound to send/receive the multicast traffic on. So depending on your switching gear you can "almost" think if it as a local link broadcast address, or with IGMP a joined broadcast, or multicast.

    In this case if you are using multicast internally on the localhost it should work as if you were connected to the an external interface.

    It's kind of hard for me to test since I don't have any onPC hardware, but if I join a session with my desk, kick the desk from the session so that onPC is the Session Master then I can output sACN using the localhost on the desk and view that data from sACNView also listening on localhost.

  • Thank you so much for the reply guys.

    My computer sees the sACN coming but for some reason the L8 visualiser won’t see it..

    So that must be a problem in their end. Artnet dosent work at all right now in it and their costumer service is not great…

    Thank you so much for trying to help :)

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