media server suggestions for grandMA3

  • That's probably a personal choice based on knowledge of the media server and availability of a profile. The issue with tight integration (like with the VPU) is third party servers used to (or still do in MA2) use the CITP protocol to get thumbnails and streaming feedback into the console. Today the MA3 only (kind of) has NDI support that can get streaming feedback of layers, mixes or outputs, but since MA3 does not currently have CITP support there in no way to get the much needed thumbnails for presets.

    Although CITP wasn't the best protocol and had an adverse effect on the size of your show file in MA2, it was all we had, and "good enough"

    No idea if they will implement CITP again, but we probably won't see a VPU again (but who knows).

  • hoss I always see what I am doing live in real time in my case. so I use 1 VPU basic for my front projections where the VPU plus a screen is located adjacent to my console. for my projections on the backdrop I use a VPU light, which sends thumbnails to my console via CITP, but I don't really need that, since I am able to see everything I do live directly on the backdrop.

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