New to dot2... converting show files from gMA 1 to gMA dot2??? Best flight case for dot2??

  • Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to the MA world and in my new role, I've inherited a Grand MA Ultra Light (original series) with which we're currently running our touring light show. At 66 lbs., it is truly a beast that all airlines and airports are now refusing to allow to fly (as we've been doing for several years). So... I'm considering moving to the gMA dot2 core console as it is only 15 lbs. and should fly much easier. It seems that the dot2 will fulfill all our needs for our current show and the likely needs in our upcoming future shows. Based on this, here are my two questions:

    • Given that I'm still running my current tour for at least another year or so, is it possible to convert my show files from the original format (gMA 1) over to the dot2 format? If so, how/where?
    • What is the best recommendation for a flight case for the dot2 Core? (Obviously, it's got to protect the board, but also be small enough/light enough that the airlines will accept it.) Links or suggestions?

    I need to make a decision quite soon, so thanks much for any insight or guidance!

  • Hi UWP1965,
    great that you´re interested in moving toward dot2.
    Sorry to say, but there´s no tool that reads gMA series 1 Shows and converts them into dot2 ones.
    The structure as well as the fixturetypes are too different for that - so I am afraid you´ll end up in good old handish reprogramming ...

    Flight cases are often a locally Thing. Some Rentals have their own flightcase manufactor and (here in Germany) there are often local manufactors that produce for some smaller to medium Rentals from their area.
    Maybe you let the Forum Readers know, which Country you´re from, so the answers might get more helpful for you.
    We´re offering Amptown ones and I just checked the weights (again) - the flight case for the dot2 core is really at 26.5 lbs. and the size is as small as possible from my opinion.

    Hope this helps a bit,

    Michael "Qincy"

  • Thanks, Michael. Disappointing news about the file stuff, but at least now I know for sure.

    I'm located in Denver, Colorado and we travel throughout the world with the console. Much appreciated!

  • I am in similar situation as you UWP1965, and I was wondering if I could use the MA showfile converter grandMA1 to grandMA2,(, and then read the MA2 file with the dot2?

    My understanding is that a showfiles created with MA2 could be loaded into a dot2, but some showfile features created with MA2 won't be loadable into a dot2.

    Will give it a go at some point and will let you know, the showfile that I would like to load into the dot2 is fairly simple in my case, all conventionals and one strobe.

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