Dimmers won't go above 49 percent!

  • The dimmers on my strobes won't go above 49 percent even though my decimal 8 value on my encoder is 255. I have scoured the fixture profile and come up empty handed. Any ideas?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Dimmers won't go above 49!” to “Dimmers won't go above 49 percent!”.
  • It could totally be the fixture profile but just to cover some other bases.

    If they worked in the past and that changed do any of your groups look like the first three here?:

    Or do any of the fixtures in question have a purple underline:

    Also if you show the layer toolbar in the fixture sheet and select Absolute does it also show 49 or 100 there?

    You mentioned your strobes were doing it, is it just them or everything? if it does end up being everything could it be the Grandmaster?

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