• I gave a Cmd Delay time to a Cmd on a cue on my selected sequence.

    If I interrupt the cue with the Cmd Delay timing using All Sequences Off, the sequence will go off as expected and the Cmd Delay countdown will be interrupted as expected.

    But when I relaunch the same sequence — regardless which is first cue to be trigged — the timing of the CMD delay that was previously stopped will restart and the CMD will eventually be trigged.

    Is this supposed to happen?

    I am using a Cmd to launch other sequences with a Cmd Delay of several minutes. So, when I was turning down the sequences and restarting the main one after a while, I was freaking out with the fact that some cues that I didn’t trigged were being activated… it took a while to understand what was going on…

    I assume that I could write a command on the Offcue of the secondary sequences, for example?…

    (I have no idea what would be the script, though…)

    Hope I was clear enough.

    Thanks in advance.

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