Stoping rate / speed from reseting after sequence is off

  • Hello,

    I've reached my last resort. Tryed searching everywhere but couldn't find a solution to my problem.

    So I have my intenisty set up like this and i love being able to change the rate with the encoder.

    Problem is that the rate resets to rate1 every time the sequence is off. So every time i bump my temp fader it resets after the fixtures go off.

    Is there something i'm not seeing that I could enable so that that behaviour stops?
    Same happens if i record an effect to a button and assign it to toggle + encoder to speed

    Please help :(

  • I did it like that in the start but i agree with Bentoylight and really would love the behaviour i mentioned to be atleast an option in the next version.

    I'm new to MA and the love the flexibility it offers so i tought it would already be an option.

    Thank you for your replies!

  • Developers will hate me but I love me some options so I say a ‘reset speed/rate on off’ option would be awesome

    Developers should have learned by now that they should not assume anything when it comes to our preferences..
    Just make everything optional from the start and save time and trouble.

    Speaking of developers, I kinda understand that they could not have every MA2 feature ready from v1.
    But the ones they put in, why not just make it right the first time? (Right meaning as good as before)

    E.g. Store dialog.
    Do we REALLY have to do a feature request to see what Sequence we are about to store in??
    Maybe that was planned for v2.3 from the start? I don't understand how they think....

  • What do you mean?

    You store into the selected sequence or the one you tell it to store to.

    The problem you will find, just as we want 17 options for things, there is also a different definition of ‘right’ from every user.

  • What do you mean?

    I know I store to selected sequence (if not specified), but I want the dialog to tell me what sequence that is to avoid error.

    I'm quite sure MA2 did that, and for me it's a extremely obvious thing to do.

    It's particularly important because we can select multiple sequences and only one of them gets the data..

    AND it's super easy to do multiple selection inadvertently - and no way to tell unless you happen to see the previously selected.

    So what I mean is: When they implement a store dialog (or anything else), why not start at the standard we had, or better?
    I highly doubt that someone would request an option to NOT see the sequence number and name.

    there is also a different definition of ‘right’ from every user.

    My point exactly!
    That's why they should go straight to options as default, instead of spending time discussing how something should work.

  • Going a bit off topic here but while I do understand that we want all the options and starting with parity would have been be ideal.

    Developers should have learned by now that they should not assume anything when it comes to our preferences..
    Just make everything optional from the start and save time and trouble.

    The issue I have here is options are actually the worst part of development, if not tested properly they can cause more trouble than they solve. I don't know how MA develops software but if they are somewhat modern they probably practice TDD or Test Driven Development where you write a test that fails, code it until it passes then refactor to make it actually work properly. While this works for small units of code it's not great for big concepts, where you may not be able to write the test until you see it fail in some way that you did not originally consider.

    The other issue with just providing all the options is that it can become unruly in both code and the UI. Take the chrome://flags/ in Google Chrome; because they have hundreds of developers writing code that billions of people use and depend on every day, they implement features way in advance and dont surface them in the UI until they are ready. This takes time and a whole lot of money.

    Personally I'm fine with the missing features provided that, A) when they are implemented they work and B) they are implemented in a timely manner. I think the part many of us find frustrating is that we (or most of us) have no idea what is coming down the pipe or when. There is no public roadmap and bugs that we have seen since the beginning still havent been resolved or even acknowledged (publicly).

    However all of that said, we remember the change from MA1 and MA2, or Hog 2 to Hog 3 or Animator to Vector, hell Windows XP to Vista. They all have had growing pains, some better then others but in the end (except for Vista) they all ended up being a better product.

    Anyway, I'm not disagreeing with anyone, just trying to see the forest for the trees, and hoping MA will communicate more openly in the future. and a bug tracker wouldn't hurt :)

  • Dear Clintos
    I feel you are working hard to not understand me now..

    The line above the one you quoted says: "E.g. Store dialog."
    I thought that meant "Here is an example using the Store Dialog"

    I'm talking about this:

    Exactly where in that dialog is not important but why not in the grey area - after the word "Store".

    If I use STORE PLEASE or any other syntax with no dialog I would not expect to see anything.
    There will be no Store Dialog, and my example is not addressing that.

    BTW. What does STORE PLEASE do when no Sequence is selected? Or when two sequences are selected?


    As long as there is a 'Sequence 1' there is always one selected sequence.

    When I deselect the last of my selected sequences the Default Sequence (#1) is automatically selected. Just didn't notice at first.

    Maybe that's the purpose of it?

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  • Not trying to misunderstand you, that would be silly. Just trying to get specifics.

    So you want it to be like this:

    I think thats a logical and reasonable request. Have you submitted your request to your distributor? If not you should do so.

  • I assume this behaviour has not changed in the newer software versions? I encountered the same issue today as OP, toggling a sequence reset its fader controlling the speed to a default 60BPM. Am I missing something?

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