• Hello!

    I was connecting our MA3 Light with an ipad as web remote using a DHCP ip address on the remote.

    Since we need to spare its baterry, every once in a while the ipad screen would black out. After a few times of turning the ipad screen on we would lose the connection with the console.

    After some frustration around this, we found out that the console was assuming that we were connecting a different device as web remote (which makes no sense, since the ipad, although in DHCP mode, was using the same ip). Since there's a limited number of web remotes on the MA3 Light, the Web Remote Menu was filled with the same device (the same ipad). we had to clean it so we could use the remote again.

    Although we found out how to deal with it, the solution was to give a fixed IP address to the ipad, of course. But we would rather keep using it with a DHCP ip address.

    Any ideas?

    Hope this makes sense. And I also hope that there is something we're doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Don't know how much control you have of the network but you could also setup a DHCP reservation for the iPad essentially giving it a Static IP configured via DHCP.

    The console should really hand out a session cookie and check that to figure out if it's a new client or the same one with a new ip or dynamic MAC address.

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