Hardware question: Xkeys backlights on XT

  • Hi

    I'm using a grandMA3 command wing XT wtith the latest MA3 verison.

    Quick question on the hardware:

    The backlights of the Xkeys are always off unless I assign something to them.

    Since these keys work not only as executors but also as function keys (Layout, Macro, etc.etc.) it's kind of odd that it has no backlight on (at least they could turn on only when you press the MA key, for example). This is somethinng that would help me a lot to have a better view on the console (without the need to connect a desk light).

    Am I missing something? Is there any settiing to change this behaviour?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.

  • Same things happens on Light and Full.

    For the moment From the Desk Lights > LED Background Details I increase Execs to something like 50%

    It would be nice if while holding down the MA key the LED's light up fully.

  • Yeah I think when I discovered the above was one of my happiest days ever.

    However I did have the idea a while back that it would be cool if when you held down MA all the secondary function keys lit to full, I think as you say, it would be great.

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