Sequence Sheet settings

  • A couple of questions on Sequence Sheet Settings:

    - I've been using Cmd Delay on some of my cues and I can't find a way to include this delay time on the Cue Duration. If I want to, I can see the cue duration showing me Fade + Delay Times, but it doesn't add Cmd Delay times. Am I missing something? (what I am doing as a workaround is storing the Cmd on a cue part with a delay time - the same time as in Cmd delay - so I can visualize the decreasing time)

    - Is it possible to drag or erase sheet columns so I can reorganize them my own way, or just stop seeing some of the columns?

    I am using the Mask options, but it just removes blocks of columns. I would like to have the chance to freely reconfigure the column sheets.

    Beeing able to drag columns would be great...

    thanks in advance.

  • On the same subject: is there a way to import Sequence Sheet Settings Preferences from another show? I was expecting it to come integrated in the Datapool.

    Hope these questions don't fall into a black hole... ;)

  • Any cue-command and its delay is not considered to be part of the cue-duration, which intention is to indicate and summarize the timeframe when attributes are changing values.

    You can see the cmd-delay visualized in its own cell.

    I am quite sure that this is the same behavior as on gma2.

    Saved window settings are personal preferences. These lives in the Userprofiles, not in the Datapool

  • Hi

    About sequence sheet, it should be great to get all these Release, Assert, Tracking Distance, Allow Duplicates somexhere else, or to be able to have it apart.

    Fade times and trig types are so important and so far away .

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