How to design a template showfile?

  • Good morning, everyone!

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the procedure for creating a template showfile that can be utilized on lots of different rigs. My initial concerns would weigh more towards busking but I would want the ability for specific cue lists and such to translate as well.

    Essentially I want to be able to continually improve and develop my showfile. How should I build my showfile to reduce the time spent redoing things?

    I'm also curious as to the workflow to adjust the template file for use in the following situations:

    1. Adding additional fixtures that were not present before, like house rigs and such.

    2. Changing the layout of the lights. I would like to be able to have multiple rig layouts I can use and still be able to build on the template.

    Any direction at all would be greatly appreciated!

  • Oh, I have good sir!

    I have tried importing an MVR into the start show but it doesn't seem to load much of the patch in. Is this a known bug or is there more to it than exporting the MVR from one show and importing it to another?

  • Hi,

    at the moment my workaround is to change my non-gdtf fixtures to a gdtf fixture, then mvr export + import and then change it back to the fixtures i used at the old showfile.

    I thought that the solution would be Import/Export Datapools, but the last time i did it, i loosed all information in recipe seq, presets etc.

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