Grouping Fixtures don't show up in fixture sheet

  • Hello community.
    I have created a number of Grouping Fixtures in order to achieve a multipatch scenario. That all works fine until I want to check on the "fixture" in the tracking sheet. It doesn't show up. (created a grouping fixture with Fixture ID 80 and have 10 dimmers inserted into that group).
    The Grouping Fixtures also do not show any levels in the layout.
    Another problem seems to be patchtching additional fixtures into that Grouping Fixture (insert new fixture). All seems ok and the new dimmers are patched into that Grouping Fixtures tree but do not output any DMX. As a work around I found that copy and past an existing fixture within that Grouping Fixture tree is working.

    Anyone came across those problems?


    Edited once, last by Respondeckon: Well, it sort of shows up without an ID and therefore doesn't get "sorted by selected" I suppose. (March 17, 2022 at 4:48 PM).

  • Hi Respondeckon ,

    you are right, these are the limitations of the grouping fixture. So up to a specific point the grouping fixture can be a workaround for multipatch, but it comes to an end quite soon.

    Multipatch is still on the list to do, so hopefully in one of the next versions we can see it.

    Regarding new fixtures, of course cloning the data can help you here. This is also the reason why it works when you copy and paste an existing fixture in the patch - the grandMA3 then automatically clones all the data, which is quite helpful in these situations.

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