Change phaser best practice

  • Hello forum,

    I would like to get some opinions on the best practices on changing phasers of a color fx/dimmer fx on the fly.

    For example when changing:

    • Form (Sine, Ramp, PWM)
    • With between steps (1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8...)
    • Speed

    One of the options is to edit the preset, make changes and update it: (Edit Preset "Color FX" ..... Update /NoConfirm)

    But this method pollutes the programmer and I find it hard to remove the values only related to the preset which is being editted.

    This method likely ends up using Blind and ClearAll which has their side affects.

    Recently I found a post by Andreas that an other option would be implement this by using recipes.

    I like this approach because it does not involves the programmer.

    But when I tried to implement this, I noticed that this requires a lot of preset.

    Because for every combination there should be a preset ready (form * with * speed).

    I am not sure how to continue, both methods are not ideal but maybe I am just missing something.


  • Hey,

    this is my solution. Maybe not the best, but for the moment it works good for me.

    I have this "Main Recipe Phaser Presets"

    - Dim Spot (21.101)

    - Dim Wash

    - Dim Beam

    - Dim LED

    Same for move or color.

    Explain it to the Spot group:

    Group 144 Spot Sym (left to right selection)

    Group 145 Spot Down (up to down selection)

    The Recipe Preset "Dim Spot" has the content in Recipe Line 1 - Group "Group 144 All Spot Sym"; Preset 21.1 "Chase" (Predefined Chaser Preset from the pool); MAtricks "6363 Phaser 3grps".

    Then i have some macros to change the content of the recipe

    1. Dim horizontal

    - Assign Group 144 At Preset 21.101.1 // so the Phaser will run left to right

    2. Dim vertical

    - Assign Group 145 At Preset 21.101.1 // so the Phaser will run up to down

    As in gma2 to change the running direction i change the MAtricks for exampel

    1. Run forwards

    - Assign MAtricks 6361 At Preset 21.101.1 // this MAtricks is Phase 0 Thru 360

    2. Run backwards

    - Assign MAtricks 6362 At Preset 21.101.1 // this MAtricks is Phase 360 Thru 0

    With the change of the MAtricks i also change Groups, Wings, Blocks

    To change the Form of the Phaser it looks like

    1. Assign PWM

    - Assign Preset 21.525 (this is my PWM Phaser) At Preset 21.101

    2. Assign Sin

    - Assign Preset 21.526 (this is my Sin Phaser) At Preset 21.101

    In that way you can do it with all your Phaser.

    Hope it helps a little bit.

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