Cue Colors on sequence sheets?

  • Hi!

    I’m working on a play using several sequences and I have a screen with different sequence sheets.

    Besides giving a name for each cue on the sequence sheets, I was wondering if it is possible to attribute colors to the cues so I have a more visual way to keep track of things.

    Hope this made sense.


  • Assign Appearance x At Cue y (Part z)

    Or swipe on an Appearance and tap on a Cue (Part)

    [EDIT] Note, use the Background Color of the Appearance for best effect in this case. [/EDIT]

    Make sure the "CuePart Appearance" setting of your Sequence sheets is set to something other than "None". This setting can be found by tapping the MA logo of the Sequence Sheet, and then it is in the bottom row, second from the right (not the "appearance" option in the lower left). After you have adjusted this setting, make sure to re-save the view to have it remember the changed settings.

  • Sorry if my question wasn't clear... if I assign Appearance 1 to cue 4, how do I then remove this assignment (so that cue 4 no longer has Appearance 1 and is back to default)?

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