working encoders with usb midi controllers

  • hi all so here is a way to use encoders with midi controllers

    you have to use bome midi translator

    i use a midicon 2 on my side

    so encoders in midicon2 can send one note for up and one note for down all with a velocity at 127

    ma3 didnt react. it needs a value of 0 velocity also

    so in bome i create 2 line one at 127 one at 0


    encoder up

    incoming 90 00 7F outgoing 90 00 7F

    incoming 90 00 7F. outgoing 90 00 00

    encoder down

    incoming 90 01 7F. outgoing 90 01 7F

    incoming 90 01 7F outgoing 90 01 00

    in ma 3 in out

    midi remote

    channel 1 note 0 note attack target macro 1 GO+

    channel 1 note 1 note attack target macro 2 GO-

    macro 1

    attribute "dimmer" at + 1

    macro 2

    attribute "dimmer" at - 1

    now when u turn your encoder upward dimmer increase

    when u turn encoder downward dimmer decrease

    that s it

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