Editing multiple objects in layoutview

  • Hi there,

    is it possible to edit the settings of multiple objects in layoutview at once? Setting appearance, name, value and other settings for each object is very annoying! any workaround?

    another question: if you have a GDTF type, it is represented by a picture in the layoutview, so far so good. But how to get rid of the picture and replace it with a simple filled square, or even better with a setting like SPOT (e.g,GOBO with color) as in GMA2?



  • Hi

    1. Use command line :

    Set Layout 3.1 thru 4 "Action" ">>>"

    will set action >>> for elements 1 thru 4 in layout 3.

    You even can use names and * instead of number :

    Set layout 3."spots*" "Appearance" "Spots"

    will assign appearance "spot" at all your fixtures named Spots...

    List Layout 3.* to see all elements and property's name.

  • I dunno, I find being able to quickly open a spreadsheet and change a bunch of stuff to me much quicker and nicer than poking around the graphic layout trying to make sure I select the right stuff...

  • yes, knowing the "edit Layout x" comand is very good to know.... on MA2 you could select more than one layout object, hit edit and make a change in the settings for all selected. that functionality is missing, but the speradsheet is a good replacement.... if you know it! ;)

  • Usually I select the objects, open the settings sheet and filter selected>yes

    I still didn’t find a way to record the view of the layout settings sheet. Need to insert filters and change column order everytime I open it. Is it possible?

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