variable in macro should be string(text) instead of a value/cmd

  • hey folks, I built a simple macro to remove attributes from cues, because the store remove cue only action is bugged. but I've got a problem. when the variables "Encoderpages" and "Cues" in my macro consist of a single value for example Encoderpages=2 and Cues=3 it works fine. but if it's a text value like Encoderpage=2+3+5+6+7+8 and Cues=2+4 it doesn't work.

    In MA2 I used to declare the variables SetVar $=("Encoderpages?") and SetVar $Cues=("Cues?") and the quotationmarks did the job to realize it's a string...

    How can this be done in MA3?

    Here is a screenshot of my macro and what it looks like when executed in the cmd line. thanks in advance!

  • I have to try that again, maybe I used ' instead of ", that would explain why it did not work. I just removed the quotation marcs from the macro from which I took a screenshot, because I only removed colors on the sequence I manipulated. Thank u for the quick response. It's a great in here. Nice people.

  • be aware that the plus and minus character/keyword has two functions in the commandline:

    when standalone (followed by space) it is an operator:

    + 3

    => and 3

    - 3

    => butnot 3

    when directly followed by a number, it denotes the sign of the number


    => the positive number 3


    => the negative number 3

  • Andreas thank u, now it works. so I have to type in: 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8. I should have known that because if you use the calculator to invert PAN in MA2/MA3 you have to make sure that you type in * -1 instead of * - 1 as the calculator suggests. you always have to remove that space by yourself after typing it in...or you use the +/- button, which I always overlook to be honest :D

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  • but are you really sure that your macro now works as you expect?

    1+2 versus 1 + 2 merely addresses the entry of commandline via a text-box dialog

    the final syntax still has to be valid, and from my experience, the At-function does not support multiple targets/destinations

    (re: your At ..... Encoderpage 1 + 2 + 3 )

  • you are right, I have to build around it selecting a filter which defines only the attributes to which the remove value should be assigned to and then say: at remove encoderpage 1, at remove encoderpage 2, at remove encoderpage 3 and so on...then every encoderpage gets a removed value assigned to it, but it respects the selected filter...

    or I say at remove encoderpage 1, at remove encoderpage 2, at remove encoderpage 3 and so on so all encoderpages get a remove value assigned to it and in another step the macro says off encoderpage x, off encoderpage y, off encoderpage z etc. and x, y, z are variables for encoderpages which should not get activated and removed...I'll have a try tomorrow.

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  • I'll have to find out tomorrow. Interesting approach. But if building that macro takes away too much of my nerves I am going to store a universal preset with only remove values in the desired attributes and I use that to get my remove values on the correct attributes. so for example a universal color preset with remove values. And the macro says current selection at preset 4."remove_color" and another line says store cue $cuenumber /m /co...and for removing pos/gobo/beam/focus/shapers a universal all preset with remove values...

    But I'll play around with it tomorrow at work.

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  • Andreas hey, thank your for the tip, much more convinient to type in than 1 + 2 + 3. I modiefied my macro in a way that it says: at remove encoderpage 2, at remove pencoderpage 3 and so on, due to the fact that I always use all presets with position/gobo/beam/focus/shapers in it and I want to remove all those attributes and for color its just color. So 2 macros. But I also tried to create universal presets with just remove values in it and when i tried to store it in the preset pool, the presets are empty. Somehow remove isn't a real value. Would be cool if it was though.

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