Asking Manufacturers for GDTF Files

  • Hello,

    what is your experience with asking manufacturers for GDTF Files of their prducts? My impression is, that they sometimes prvide GDTF Files for NEW Fixtures, but not for older ones. I´ve asked some of them but didn´t get any answer! Maybe the mail accounts were too general, so i`m asking if anybody knows any specific people to adress those inquieries at MARTIN, ClayPaky, DTS, GLP.....that would be great.

    As by now GDTF and MVR is almost useless without good files.



  • I would always make your local distributor of that product your first port of call as you can have a relationship with them, and they have a relationship with the manufacturer. This can be more effective than a cold email sometimes.

  • It is going to be hard to have manufacturers devote resources to discontinued products unfortunately.

    We distribute both products in Australia, will will at least help users to create their own, I’m sure Lightpower would be happy to assist you in this way also?

  • This will be the long road part of GDTF files. the back catalogue of fixtures. Not every Theatre or production house cares just the latest and greatest. more often its the last batch of middle of the road fixtures. With manufacture's not wanting to make GDTF files for older fixtures we will be relaying on user made profiles which is like the current state of news right now. some good and a lot with misinformation. so until the plank tips to the new generation of fixtures in use (I say 10 yrs from now) then with GDTF have a footprint to stand on. but in that time I figure people will distrust GDTF files and the whole format will fall flat once more. MVR I think is a keeper and will adjust to how users interact with it. but the GDTF format need to be made more user friendly, and more interaction from the manufactures.

    I make my own GDTF files as way to learn and have what I trust as a profile. but even I get stumped on the way Prisms are handled and so I have 3 generic ones I made and use. so even mine are not 100% accurate but will work for what I need. down the line who knows may not work.

    As to channels to talk to manufactures, Write both you local distributor and to the manufacture. use the distributor as a voice to request. and the manufacture to put a stance on needing the older files.

  • unfortunately Lightpower is the local distributor of MA AND Martin in Germany. But Martin wont bring GDTF Files for older fixtures like quantum spot and aura XB.......

    Martin stated in a GDTF Webinar, that they will bring GDTF files for all new fixtures and that they will work backwards, too:

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