Layout view objects labeling

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a question about labeling objects in layout view

    for any kind of objects, like for sequences, presets, .. names are as unique as the ID's, which has a lot of advantages.

    When creating sequences from presets, to assign in layout views, these sequences must have a unique name.. but for example, I use some keywords more then once, like "open" for an open gobo, open dimmer, open color, ..

    Moving on.. , you can hide the object name, and set a custom text, but this will always appear above the object, I see "text vertical" is grayed out.. just wondering when this is not grayed out?, and if it's possible to have an option where that custom text can be set within the object, instead of above it.. so I'm not depending on the object name for labeling within the object

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  • The vertical alignment is available when there is no object assigned to the Layout-element and its purpose is to be a passive textarea.

    A workaround for your scenario could be to utilize the whitespace character to create unique labels that would appear to be the same.

    Label Sequence "open#2" " open "

    Label Sequence "open#3" "  open   "

  • Tip, if you edit a layout view object in the layout view pool you get a excel like overview of all the objects you have in your layout. Editing of multiple items at the same time is very easy here.

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