Subfixture Phase Spread

  • Trying to create a 2 Wing Offset of intensity over 7, 12 cell fixtures.

    On MA2 if I grabbed fixtures 1 thru 7 and then applied MAtricks 2 wing, then did a phase of 360 thru 0 on intensity, I would get the effect crawling to the center of the fixture selection from the ends. Doing the same thing on MA3 just does the whole fixture and not over the individual cells, fine, so I select fixtures 1 thru 7 DOWN and then apply the MAtricks 2 wings and then do phase 360 to 0. Problem is it does the offset within each fixture and not over the range.

    What am I missing here?

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    Hey jabadger,

    Candela is correct here. The difference is in the command:

    - If you select the main fixtures and you go DOWN it puts the single instances into a 2 dimensional selection grid order. That´s a special command which helps you to run easily thru each instances of one fixture or only the first, second, etc. instances of all fixtures.

    - If you want to place all instances in a row to use MAtricks afterwards, you should use the command Fixture 1 thru 7.thru - then you have a single row with all instances and your Wings 2 will be correct :-).

  • I see. Not very intuitive. I would have expected 1.1 thru 7.1 thru, but 1 thru 7. thru is a curveball for sure.

    1 thru 7 selects parent of fixtures 1 thru 7 but doesn't make sub fixtures available

    1. thru selects only sub fixtures of 1

    But why wouldn't the console select the parent fixtures when you say 1 thru 7. thru - can't follow the logic there.

    Anyway. Thanks for the tip.

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    Yes the dot always goes one level down in the fixture hierarchy. The idea here is to make lots of combinations of subfixture selections possible that would have to be done manually before.

    So you can now easily select the 3. and the 6. instance of a specific range of fixtures.....

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