Loop over Fixtures

  • Trying to loop over all (patched) fixtures.

    I found the info I needed in ShowData/LivePatch/IDTypes/Fixture

    using commandline, I could navigate to that location like

    cd ShowData
    cd LivePatch
    cd IDTypes
    cd Fixture

    when doing List , I have the list I need.

    I tried to loop this list using LUA like:

    local allFixtures = ShowData().LivePatch.IDTypes.Fixture:Children();
    for allFixture in ipairs(allFixtures) do

    But no results or no error.

    By thinking Fixture is a reserved word, I also tried local allFixtures = ShowData().LivePatch.IDTypes["Fixture"]:Children(); , but no luck

    anyone any idea how to loop over this list correctly? thank you