Can´t use Programmer Parts

  • This is an issue that was probably already mentioned here in the forum.

    I can't use the Programmer Parts tool as I see it explained in the official video tutorial.

    Everytime I try to insert new attributes on a second (or third) part, all the attributes stay active on part Zero. I can´t find the right way to populate the other parts.

    I would really like to understand and use this tool.

    Can you guys help out with this one?

    I'm using version on a mac

    Thanks in advance.

  • Normally when I use Programmer parts I store them separately since often you want to use the same attribute in multiple steps.

    Something like:

    1 At 50 Fade 2

    Store Cue 1 Part 0

    Set Property Cue 1 AllowDuplicates 1

    1 At 100 Fade 2 Delay 2

    However I think Programmer Parts used to work, but I see the same as you if I try using it. I'm sure there's something in a changelog but I don't immediately see it.

  • In the current version ProgrammerParts are dedicated to automatic CuePart creation.

    e.g. Dimmer should always go in Part 0, Position in Part 1, Color and Gobo in Part 10

    Edit the Pool-Settings of PresetPools 1 - 9 to assign a CuePart for the respective FeatureGroup.

    By default all Featuregroups are assigned to CuePart 0, and will be activated in the corresponding ProgrammerPart 0

  • hoss : that's exactly what I've been doing. And it works fine.

    but what Andreas said about automatic CuePart creation and Pool Settings made sense and was a game changer.

    It's a bit weird that there is no info about this on the manual. And it could be a tiny bit less complicated though...

    Thank you very much!

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