• Okay. I imported a predefined dimmer sinus phaser. in another preset I used a recipe to reference it, chose my group. When I only change the Phase column to 0 to 360 everything works as expected. but when I try to insert a Matrick not only it doesn't go as expected, but it also cancels my phase.(At least that's what my 3d shows). Help?

    edit: Okay because I made a MAtrick of 2 and phase 0 thru 360 it basicly says that the first fixture and second fixture is on the same phase. Thats really anoying because now every time I want to change the xgroups number in my MAtrick I need to calculate the phase of the last fixture and store it as the toX phase, so the first and last won't be on the same phase. Anyone has an idea to work around it?

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  • Andreas
    February 4, 2022 at 2:19 PM

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