Execute multiple macro's

  • For a test, I have created some macros named "Macro1", "Macro2", "Macro3" who are executed when clicking, but I also have one seperate macro "ExecuteAll" who needs to execute those 3 macro's

    next to this macro, another macro is created to execute both 3 macro's

    When checking command line history, it looks like not all lines are executed of each macro

    This triggered me in 2 questions:

    - thinking of working with uservar parameters in a last line of each macro to trigger the next macro when that uservar parameter has a specific value, is that possible?.. so like in macro "Macro1" will the last line be a command to trigger macro "Macro2", but it will only trigger "Macro2" if a specific value is set in some uservars variable.. so macro "Macro1" is still executable as one macro, when that uservar has no value.

    - or is their another way of succesfully executing multiple macro's in serial, without setting any waiting times, and with confidence that all lines in those macro's are executed

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  • Thank you for that idea, it is some solution, but here I need to click the "Run All" macro 3 times to execute everything, when it's set to "Go"

    in my MA2 scripts, I could use conditional expressions like described here: https://help2.malighting.com/Page/grandMA2/…ondition/en/3.9

    but it's not working when I tested it.

    Also found this info: https://help2.malighting.com/Page/grandMA3/keyword_endif/en/1.6

    but as how I checked this out, it's not possible to check for variable values? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong in the syntax.. like:

    this will output:

    I guess it it trying to fix this by copying lines from those macro's into one new macro, and execute that in one shot. I try not to edit wait times to 0.2 or 0.5 , because more macro's will be added, and it needs to be executed as fast as possible

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