MA3 crashes when Live Patch/RDM and a separate RDM window are open at the same time

  • Version: for Windows

    Error code: 0x0000374

    The following situation causes a crash:

    On one screen, the "RDM Devices" window is displayed. And on the second screen the "Live Patch" window with the "RDM" tab is open. Now when I want to change a setting via RDM in the "Live Patch" window or the other one MA3 crashes and displays the error code above. The crash does not happen if only one of the two windows is open.

    The crash can also be created by adding two "RDM Devices" windows.

  • Yes I connected a Cameo AuroSpot 200 moving light for testing. The changes are possible with only one window.

    The crash happened at the DMX address, but the whole range of settings could not be changed.

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