Macro for Flyouts not working all the time.

  • Practical Question:

    How do I paste my macro code here all fancy like as I've seen?

    Actual Question:

    This macro for setting the width layer in my 4 step mirrored flyouts is working (mostly) when I have my dimmer feature group selected and not when I have any other feature group selected. It just sets everything to 50% otherwise.

    Basically, the dimmer is the only thing I want at a different width.

  • For a predictable result add the unit Percent everywhere you address phaser-layers like width, transition, phase etc


    At Width Percent 30

    Unfortunately in version 1.6 commandline, when no unit is specified, the Natural readout of each attribute is used, not only for Absolute/Relative layer as desired and expected, but also for other layers like Width, Transition etc,

    If the natural readout for the attribute is e.g. physical, the syntax At Width 30 is interpreted internally as At Width Physical 30 which is an undefined value for width

  • I'm back!

    Here is my implementation of what you describe above. Still showing some strange behavior. The Lua "calc()" function is working as expected.

    None of my transitions are being set properly and only the Pan width is being set and not Tilt

  • Fixture 1 At 50

    -> select fixture 1 and apply 50 to the selected (fixture 1)


    Fixture 2

    -> select fixture 2

    Fixture 3 At 60

    -> select fixture 3 and apply 60 to the selected fixtures ( = both fixture 2 and 3)

    the target for the At value is not what is before At in the syntax (fixture 1), but the selected of that type.

    Attribute Pan

    -> Selects Attribute Pan

    Attribute Tilt At 50

    -> Selects Attribute Tilt and apply 50 to the selected Attribute (Tilt)

    It does not apply 50 to pan and tilt, as there is always only one selected attribute, you cannot select multiple attributes.

    Featuregroup Position

    -> selects the first attribute of FeatureGroup position (Pan) - as there can only be one selected attribute

    FeatureGroup Position At 50

    -> selects the first attribute of FeatureGroup position (Pan), and sets the selected attribute (pan) to 50

    The solution for your scenario is to specify the target/destination at the end.

    With this approach you can skip the At keyword (as long as you specify the layer):

    Transition Percent 20 FeatureGroup Position

    Absolute Decimal8 127 Width Percent 30 Speed Hz 5 FeatureGroup Color.RGB

    Be aware that depending on currently chosen linksettings Values/Timing/Phasers=Single/Feature/Atfilter, the given values may propagate beyond the given target/destination.

    When propagation is not desired or linksetting is unknown it may be better to utilize the concept of At vs Selected and set each attribute individually

    Attribute Pan At Transition Percent 10

    Attribute Tilt At Transition Percent 10

    ->only applies transition to each attribute even if e.g. LinkPhaser=Atfilter

  • We did it! Thank you so much for your help! Here is the updated macro!

    There is, however, still one little problem where my color channel disappears from the phaser editor when I change its transition layer. It shows up in the phaser editor with the correct transition when I re-integrate the color information into the phaser.

    Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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