Selection in 3d and selection grid

  • I think I have seen this before as well. if you select quickly so you don't end up in the green outlined planar selection but in white (or sometimes cyan) outlined perspective selection it seems to work.

    Looks like planar might be broken?

    :edit to be honest I didnt know how to switch between the two modes, but the manual makes it clear as mud.


    The 2D grid selection offers two different modes, Planar and Perspective. Using the lasso selection to select fixtures in the 3D window adds them as a two-dimensional selection to the selection grid. In planar mode, the camera position does not affect the selection order. Only the real position of the fixtures is significant. In perspective mode, the orientation of the camera additionally influences the order of the selection in the selection grid.

    To select fixtures in the 3D window using the planar selection, draw a lasso starting with a horizontal or vertical mouse movement. The color of the lasso changes to green when selection is locked to planar mode. To select fixtures in perspective mode, draw a lasso starting with a diagonal mouse movement. The color of the lasso changes to cyan when the selection is locked to perspective mode.

    That explains why it seemed random.

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  • Please disable AutoRemoveXgaps in your SelectionGrid window, to see if that gives a more expected gridselection result according to the actual placement of your fixtures.

    From the picture it sure looks like your bottom right fixture is not perfectly aligned in the x-axis with the others.

    Thus the lasso-tool will correctly place that fixture at e.g. xgrid 99, while the two above are placed at xgrid 100.

    This misalignment would be severely amplified when combined with the RemoveXgaps function, as the difference between these fixtures (one cell) will be maintained, while the overall size of the grid may be reduced substantially.

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