Plugin workflow lacking or not understood.

  • I have spent the last week trying really hard to make my plugin development workflow smooth and quick.

    As I am new to Lua and the MA3 Lua API documentation is lacking quite a bit, quick iteration is essential. I might deploy the same code with slight changes more than 200 times in a day.

    I would like to save my code inside of Visual Studio Code and test it in MA onPC as quickly as possible. The current workflow involves copying and pasting the code into the built-in editor, which takes a lot of button presses and keystrokes.

    I was trying to make a macro to do this and have not had any luck as of yet. I want to copy the code from VS Code and then click the macro to open the Plugin editor and paste the code, close it out and let me be on my way.

    I am really hoping someone has something better than what I'm currently doing because slow progress is killing me inside :)

  • I wrote about this some time ago.

    This is what I do:

    October 14, 2021 at 6:55 PM

    Basically I write directly (or via a symlink) into the onPC plugins folder, then I have a macro that reloads the plugin. makes the process very quick and if you put your console in session it just works.

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