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  • Hello,

    Simple problem:

    I want my position phaser to always start at the same position.


    When I record a phaser in a preset position, and triger it, it seems to each time start at a random position.

    How do I force it to always start on the first absolute point of my phaser editor ?

    Thank you

  • A quick video to show my problem:

    Each time I trigger the preset, my fixtures start at a random position.

    I'd like them to start each time at the same position.

    Is it possible ?

  • That idepends on the group layout. Cause Phase 0 - 360 is always from Left to Right in a line

    And Phase from 0 thru 360 with Xwing 2 wil always result in Left to inside and Right to inside. But you need symmatrical Selection for that.

    And by a line selection its -360 thru 360.

    The Selection in Grandma 3 for you fixtures matters in what the phaser uses as Start point on your Selection Grid. X=0 Y= 0 z=0 Is base start postition.

  • Thank you for your answer !

    But I'm not sure if it's right for me, since Phase is always 0 in my exemple.

  • Happy to see I'm not the only one :)

    How to prevent this bumps ?

    How to make a phaser start at the sampe point every time ?

    Any ideas ?

  • You can have a look at this thread, but it didn't really solve my problems.

  • Thank you for the hint !

    Playing with Sync and changing the order of my steps seems to do the trick for now. I have to make some more tests :)

    Thanks a lot !

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