• Hello,

    I made a sequence with projectors that have individual times (delay + fade) on the dimmer.

    I play the sequence.

    I clear the programmer.

    If I change the level of the dimmer of these projectors in the programmer they automatically have the individual times and moreover it passes over the Program time.

    To program it is boring but if I have a problem with a projector and I want to cut it urgently, I have to type fixture x at 0 fade 0 delay 0.

    Is there an option to avoid this?

  • I've been through this issue quite a lot.

    My solution was to build a couple macros to remove fixtures delay and fader individual time, so I can program sequences quicker.

    MacroLine 1: Delay

    MacroLine 2: Remove

    MacroLine 3: Fade (Wait: 0.1)

    MacroLine 4: Remove

    In the same logic, I also built a macro to remove delay only and fade only.

    Does this makes sense? Would you guys have any ideas to build macros to serve this purpose?

    I tryed different macros, this one (the simplest) is the one that works better. Although, randomly, it fails to work...

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