• Looking for some Help/Inspiration with creating a sort of High/Low -or- mulit-step color effect picker.

    So far I have.

    * A "Color FX" Group

    * A " Color FX Holder" phaser preset

    * A "Color FX" sequence that has a recipe referencing that "Color FX Holder" phaser preset

    * A Macro that takes my current selection, overwrites the "Color FX Group" and cooks my "Color FX" Sequence

    * Macros that apply different MAtricks to adjust phase, wings etc.

    All that is working good. Kind of hung up on the best way to dynamically update the color presets that are used in each step of the "Color FX Holder" phaser preset.

    Not sure how to take preset (22.110) which is my "Color FX Holder" Phaser and integrate different presets from my color pool onto steps 1 and 2 (and so on).



  • I have built this by replacing color presets.

    So the "Color FX Holder" phaser would integrate color preset "Color FX Step 1" and "Color FX Step 2"

    Then for every color and every step there is a macro that replaces the color preset Copy Preset 4.7 at 4."Color FX Step 1" /m

    The only thing that I am missing is a fade when switching between colors, by replacing presets it's always an instant change of color.

    Would love to hear if there is a better way.

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  • Here's a different approach, which will enable crossfade when changing colors

    Create your global static colorpreset (Red, Green, Blue, etc)

    Create an additional global static colorpreset with release-values and label it Transparent

    Create same number of global phasers, which integrates each static color as step 1 and "transparent" color as step 2

    (Red/Transp, Green/Transp, Blue/Transp etc)

    Create cues with each of your static presets in Sequence 1 "Background"

    Create cues with each of your "transparent" phasers in Sequence 2 "Foreground"

    For both sequences disable OffWhenOverridden, so they can play simultaneously without switching each other off

    Set sequence 2 to High Priority, to prevent "background" colors to overwrite and take precedence

    In your macros, use Goto Cue x Seq 1 to choose background(lowprio) color, and Goto Cue x Seq 2 to choose foreground(fx) color.

    Assuming you create the cues with recipes, all above is a one time operation, and you can update them all at once via cmdline e.g.

    Assign Group "Spots" At Sequence "Background" Cue * Part *.*

    Set Sequence "Foreground" Cue * Part *.* Property "XWings" 2

  • You can also make a Phaser with 2 color Presets.

    I have 2 FX Color list under my color picker. Where i can change the Colorpreset on the fly by macro's.

    Then i combine these 2 colors via Intergrate in a phaser.

    Then i Recipe load that into a Sequence. And use other Sequence with Macro go to change the Property of the recipe line.

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