Best Practices Trainings?

  • Apologies if this might be a bit off-topic.

    There’s a ton of great content online about learning grandMA3 software, including MAs own e-learning offerings. Most of these are focusing on how-to handle the software in general.

    I was wondering whether there are also sort of best-practices trainings available. I thing a lot of folks new to the platform - including myself - would benefit a lot “looking over the shoulder of a seasoned LD” walking through a real-world show file. What are good ways to organize executors? What are best practices organizing screens and views?

    Obviously there’s always the “depends on your event” notion. However, I’m a strong believer in learning from experience.

    Maybe MA can get some of its professional customers to walk through their setups? Are there any tutorials out there already which go into this direction? Any commercial offerings for hands on (remote) training?

  • (sorry if you thought the notification was an answer!)

    I'm right there with ya buddy and I was literally just about to ask this!

    I know how LTP and HTP, temp faders, universal vs global vs selective, etc all work, now I just need to know different situations in which I might use one over the other. What is possible with different combinations? What kind of things are common knowledge to those who have been doing this a while!?

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