Macro Offcue et Priority

  • Do you have an idea for high priority?

    The trick here is to open the Command Line window and do the action you want to see what the console does (doesn't always work but in this case it does).

    If you open the settings for the executor and change the Priority to High you should see this on the command line:

    Set Sequence X Property "Priority" "High"

    I think you could also use the <Exec>.<Page> syntax.

  • thank you,
    but what I would like is to assign a high priority without having to give the sequence number.

    Just click on the macro and the executor button. (as in gma2: assign /priority=high @).

    I searched I dug and I did not find.

  • I think you are looking for something like this:

    There may be a way to do this on a single line but this one

    It adds the Select keyword to the command line and waits (Execute = No), you tap the executor or sequence and it continues setting the property on the selected object.