• having a question about the "export" keyword, the manual describes how to rename your exported file.
    In my example, I try to export data as "exportdata", using:

    Export List "exportdata"

    the result is a file called "gobo1"..

    Wondering if I'm doing something wrong?

    I tried this way, because strange enough, in LUA I am able to get NAME, TYPE, ATTRIBUTE, DMXFROM, ... from the list you see in the screenshot, but it's not possible to get the WHEEL information when doing like ".wheel" in LUA .. so just experimenting with exporting that data and reading it back in, which works, but it's a big way around.

  • Both Export and List are functional commands, which cannot be combined like this

    General Syntax Rules - grandMA3 User Manual - Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

    Nevertheless, the wheel property you are looking for is fully get-able via Lua via .wheel, it just doesn't merely contain plain text like e.g. the name property, but rather returns a reference to yet another object, so you will need to again specify which property of that object you actually want

    e.g. try


    You can recognize such object references by using the generic Lua type() function on the returned property-value, which would give 'userdata' instead of e.g. 'string' or 'number'

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  • a next question, related to the question above, is how to set the gobo image to the Icon property.

    for example, for gobo's, I see appearance value:


    my returning value using is


    this value is in LUA stored in variable fileName, which I want to set as an image in a button of a popup form like

    Button.Icon = ShowData().MediaPools.Gobos[fileName]

    The button is showing, but the image is not displaying in the button, I wonder how to set those images in a button?

  • You cannot use images on a button (assume you mean message box from lua), you must use textures via the icon property.

    Textures are found in the textures folder (have a look with cd texture and list) and are limited to the pre defined textures installed with the OS.

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