Stack selection on z axis

  • Hi Forum,

    Would it be possible to create a macro that stacks(z-axis) the selection to a specifc x,y grid position? The order is not important

    For example for fixtures I would use

    Grid 0/0 thru 0/0
    Fixture 1 thru 100

    Fixture 1 thru 100 are now stacked on position 0/0.

    The idea is to create something for groups in combination with a SelFix:

    1. SelFix Group "Spots Grid"

    2. run the macro
    3. Store Group 100

    Group 100 has all the fixtures on 0/0 position.

  • Thanks Andreas it's close but not exactly what I was looking for.

    I would like the grid x position to be a parameter.

    The idea behind it is to be able to great a dimmer effect across groups.

    For example:

    Group "Spots"
    Go+ Macro "StackOnZ_0_0"
    Store Group "Dimmer_Effect" /merge
    Group "Wash"
    Go+ Macro "StackOnZ_1_0"
    Store Group "Dimmer_Effect" /merge

    Then there will be a phaser running that uses the group "Dimmer Effect"

    Do you think that this would be possible?

    I have tried playing around with the Matricks settings but I am not able to change the x position in the grid

  • No there is no specific reason for z-axis stacking.

    It was just an idea, i thought it was a good approach.

    Ok thanks I have puzzled it out with all the insight.

    Ended up using a PhaseY and a MATricks to convert a grid group to a linear group, to be more error proof.

    Maybe it can help someone but here an example on how to create the groups for the effect:

    Set Selection MAtricks "YWidth" 1
    Store MAtricks "SquashYAxis"
    Reset Selection MAtricks

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