Network interface options / Duplicate entries

  • I have found a bug from my point of view. In the onPC version for Windows 11.

    I have two Ethernet ports on my onPC device. Both have got fixed IP addresses.

    The following bug I found and I can reproduce it anytime.

    If the network cables are not plugged in, duplicate entries are displayed under Network / MA-Net Interface (see screenshot). The duplicate entries then get their own IP address with 169.

    When I plugged the cables and restart MA3 onPC the duplicate entries are gone again. (see screenshot)

    If the cables are now unplugged again, the duplicate entries do not come back either.

    To create the bug again a restart of the PC is necessary.

    Due to this bug, you then also have two entries under Network / Stations, although only the one with the correct IP address is wanted.

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