Speed of phaser according to width of step

  • Hi all

    In a multisteps phaser, when i change widths, it changes speed.

    This seems quite understandable but then my speed doesn't mean anything.

    If i do Learnspeed, it's not good. I would need to do something with rate, but there is no such value in my phaser.

    And if number of fixtures changes, i need to recalculate widths and speed.

    Is there any better solution ?


  • Yes of course.

    But then my speedmaster or my learnspeed is irrelevant

    That was not the case in gma2.

    I want a dimmer chaser. So with 12 fixtures, step 1 closed, width 92, step 2 open, width 8 (100/12)

    So each fixture opens solo.

    So if i want one fixture every second (like a clock for exemple), in need to set the speed at 60/12=5 BPM

    So far so good. If i assign a speedmaster or just habe a speedfader, speedmaster at 60bpm will run my chaser at 6bpm (original speed).

    At 240 Bpm, i just multiply my speed by 4.

    This not the behavior i want.

    All these are very disturbing.

  • If i do Learnspeed, it's not good. I would need to do something with rate, but there is no such value in my phaser.

    the programmer layer labeled "Speed" is technically a SpeedRate layer, normalized at

    1 Second = 1 Hz = 60BPM = Rate 1:1

    to enter this value in a rate friendly format, try using the units Hertz (Hz) or Seconds, instead of BPM

    e.g. a rate of 4:1 may be entered as 4 Hertz

    Speed Hz 4

    e.g. a rate of 1:4 may be entered as 4 Seconds

    Speed Seconds 4

    If using calculator instead of commandline, there is a unit-toggle switch in the upper left corner to achieve the same functionality

  • Is there any (non-LUA) workaround for this by now..? (

    I also have a hard time with how the phaser speeds works. It used to be much easier.. now it gives me a headache!

    It is not a problem when programming a show, but it is when touring with a show and using different amounts of fixtures every day.

    The need to adjust the steps of the phasers is just too much work.

    Also when I move a speedmaster to 240BPM the speed goes crazy fast in a non-linear way.

    I was hoping to use mode 3 for the next tour, but looks like I will stick to mode 2, again...

  • Are you aware of the „measure“ attribute? You can use it to set the number of beats a phaser should take in total before it repeats. When you change the fixture count if your phaser, it might make sense to change also the „measure“.

    In your clock example, you could set the measure to 8 if you have 8 fixtures. At a speed of 60 bpm, the phaser would run for 8 seconds.

    As for the adaptive width: At first, I created several phasers with predefined width, say „step 1/5“, „step 1/6“. This way I can just copy the correct preset instead of fiddling with the phaser. Later on, I created a macro that adapts the width on the fly.

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