grand ma3 light + vizkey / does not unlock parameters

  • Hello,

    I use grand ma3 light and viz key with wysiwyg and depence2. I connected the viz key and I have a connection, a booth programs connect with viz key, and I can control the fixtures. When I use with wyg it is works unlock the parameters, but when I use depence2 unfortunately the parameter unlock doesn't work. Anyone's idea?

  • With the Viz Key,my understanding is it needs to be installed on the system you are integrating the MA3 system with. thus, making your Wysiwyg or Depence computer a node of the MA3 world.

    Installing the Viz key on the MA itself will do nothing but grant you the 512 parameters. (unless you are using MAonpc with Wyg or Depence on the same machine)

    Really MA included a nice thick book with the viz-key. But nothing inside it to explain how the viz-key interacts with the MA world or hooking up to different software pieces. Just. here is the viz key. place on pillow, connect with visualizer and be granted use of MA3 usage. Any one figured out what the 3 LED's on the front represent yet?

  • Hi guys,

    Jason Gardash , absolutely right, the viz-key needs to be connected to your visualizer. Afterwards it will be visible comparable to a Node in your network window. Maybe one golden rule for the connection:

    Start the visualizer first to make sure that the viz-key is taken by the visualizer, not by the grandMA3 software!

    Next to this of course there are some different things for each visualizer you have to follow. Therefore we will release some tutorials for this, beginning of next week. In the meantime, if you have questions, just get in contact with your local support. :)

    And the 3 LED´s:
    1 Power On
    2 USB connection with PC
    3 Connection with onPC software

    If everything fails there is also the online help where you can have a look. So you can find some information about the viz-key here as well:…/en/1.6/viz-key

    Hope that helps :)

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