Applying a preset to all steps of a phaser

  • Hello! Easy question I’m sure. So I have a phaser going on in the background with some effects but I also have these CCT color presets for lights but when I apply it it only goes to the first step. I clicked integrate and it only works for the first step. I have all steps selected in the encoder bar. I keep having to manually type in the values for it to work. Any ideas?

  • Hi Rmorr44,

    you are right, at the moment this is a manual process, but exactly one thing we are currently working on.

    So workflow in phasers, creating steps etc. is one topic where we will see some changes in the next version ;-).

  • Thank you for writing back. It seems to work fine with other lights except these Litemat Spectrums so far. Just trying to see where the inconsistency is because I’ve been applying preset colors to other lights and it has worked just fine

  • Hi guys,

    Rmorr44 , maybe this issue is then related to the fixture type or the presets are not working for this fixture type. Would be good to get in contact with your local MA support to have a look at the showfile.

    Bentoylight , absolutely agree, this is an issue for us as well of course. But on the other hand it is an opportunity to learn features and functionalities from the very first beginning of the development - so you really know the basics afterwards. The next software version 1.7 is planned for April. We dont know exactly when, depends on the implementations of course, but we will keep you posted :-).

  • Hi Daniel

    Thank you for your answer.

    For sure it's interesting to see workflow from the beginning, but my students just want to drive the car, not to know how the mechanic works ;)

    I've been working a lot to understand and explain all these new stuffs, for two years now. It starts to be a very long trip. And it's often complicated to convince students that this is good and will become better and better. They become impatient.

    Thanks for all your work, you are in the front line and i'm sure it's not easy every day. And be sure that we, as teachers, do the max to support you.

    Best wishes.

  • Bit of a change of topic from MA specific here but the “ just want to drive the car, not to know how the mechanic works” Attitude of the students is one to be discouraged.

    There are a lot of ‘programmers’ these days that know little or how the moving lights function, let alone the backend or the console. Having this knowledge only betters the programmer on how to get the best of their equipment.

    It’s a good teaching opportunity

  • I totally disagree.

    You can be a very good driver without being a good mechanic.

    You know how to change the gears or take a turn at high speed, you don't have to know exactly what is going on in your engine.

    And the best mechanic is not the best driver.

    I feel MA wants to build a very big and powerful engine, but they forget the driver.

    Do you know how your computer works deep inside ? No, but you can use it very well.

    A friendly user interface is very important, as what we want to do is light, not computer analysis.

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  • You seem to miss my point entirely.

    I was not really talking about MA3 but whilst on that subject. I initially found myself saying “oh no, why has the desk done that, why didn’t this work, etc etc.” However once I took time to sit and look at HOW the software worked and WHY certain things were a certain way it made much more sense and I could instantly get more from the console. And after all this isn’t meant to be Fisher-Price: My First Lighting Controller, grandMA is an advanced system.

    But as I said, take a step away from MA specifically and look to the big picture for this topic.

    I actually completely disagree that someone can be a good lighting programmer without knowing how the fixtures actually work inside and how to hang a system.

  • Hey guys,

    I think we definitely know that there are some missing workflows. So you are right, the driving could be a bit smoother in some areas. But I am also pretty sure that we made huge steps forward in the last couple of month.

    From the development perspective we always have two steps: Make the engine work completely with all the features, flexibility and complexity the users need - and afterwards add better and faster workflow to it. You know MA builds a lighting console for ALL the different applications, therefore some workflows need some more time, but we are working on it.

    I believe with v1.6 and with the next v1.7 we made and will make good progress and definitely fix some missing workflows.

    And regarding our users and trainers on-site, Bentoylight you are absolutely right. They are doing a great job and we really appreciate your work. We are always there to support you - a system change is never easy, but we will make it happen :-).

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