Icons and Images in Plugins

  • Does anyone have the skinny on how to bring your own image textures (for the pop up icon) and images on the Popup itself when using lua message boxes?

    I’ve seen on some paid plugins message boxes with personalized icons and images that are obviously being imported with the plugins somehow.

    Curious as to how this might be done?

  • to my understanding:

    While you can create fully custom dialog designs if you build them from scratch, custom icons are not supported.

    Plugins you have seen with personalized icons likely use Lua to alter the grandMA3 installation, adding personalized icons to the texture-map of the gma3 graphics engine.

    Widespread use of this hack/workaround is not sustainable, as the texture-map has a finite pixel allocation space, and deleting the plugin, loading another show or even a cleanstart would not free up any acquired space.

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