MA3 networking bug

  • We came across a strange bug during a show this afternoon that the dev team might be interested in. The setup was a PC FOH with a command wing, a laptop also FOH with a viz key and a third laptop backstage (with priority 'Never') logged in as a different user for the DSM to be able to see the cues. Towards the end of the show the DSM notified us that the numbers on the cues were different to what he had in his script. The first picture is from FOH where the numbers are correct. Going backstage (second picture) the cue names are correct but the corresponding number are not. Leaving the session and rejoining didn't help. Restarting the DSMs laptop didn't help. In the short gap between shows we reinstalled MA3 on the DSMs laptop (didn't seem to help) and restarted the FOH main and backup PCs. The thing that seemed to help (although might be coincidence) was we disconnected from the network, deleted all the saved show files and backups on the DSMs laptop and then rejoined the session. At this point the cues were correct.

    Having fixed the issue I now don't have a broken show file to share but hopefully the heads up helps others spot the issue in the future.

  • Not ruling out that you may have experienced some bug, but judging solely from the pictures, it seems to me that all cuenumbers and cuenames visible are the same on both images.

    What one can see from the pictures is that the sheets are scrolled differently, and have the yellow lines (indicating cursor) at different rows, specifically Cue 139 vs Cue 131 (both having the same name, "Blackout"), and that the bottom image likely have AutoScroll disabled, as the current cue, Cue 132 "Scene 6" (with green lines and blue cuename background) is outside the visible area of the sheet.

  • Thanks for the swift reply Andreas. I should have been more specific with where the numbering difference was (particularly with the slightly blurry edge of the photo). It took me a few minutes to get from FOH to backstage so that accounts for the difference in the current cue and scroll position of the sequence sheet.

    As it should have been/was FOH/was outputting:

    139 - Blackout

    140 - Runyanland

    141 - Scene 7

    142 - Marching band

    143 - Return

    144 - Guys and Dolls

    145 - Finale

    As it was on the DSMs laptop:

    139 - Blackout

    141 - Runyanland

    142 - Scene 7

    143 - Marching band

    144 - Return

    145 - Guys and Dolls

    145 - Finale

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