• When programming an OSC sender, it seems like #bundle is not supported. Can this be confirmed? Although I can't find it mentioned more than once in the 1.1 vision (not spec) (, it is part of the 1.0 spec that should be supported by 1.1.

    From the vendor of the sending software (


    When Send OSC Messages has only 1 drawer item, it sends a regular OSC message. When it has 2 or more drawer items, it sends the messages as an OSC bundle.

    Our hypothesis is that the MA3 lighting consoles don't handle OSC bundles.

    I also don't get auto-discovery going, so it would be neat to have some more documentation/information about the implementation generally speaking.


    In order for Vuo to auto-detect an OSC device (in List OSC Devices or a Device input editor), the OSC device has to advertise itself over Bonjour (a.k.a. DNS-SD, Zeroconf). Is your MA device doing that? If not, you'll have to use Specify OSC Output or Specify OSC IP Output.


  • If MA was a song, that would surely be the refrain. I will speak with them in a couple weeks, and can then post the reply here.

    It does, however, feel a bit backwards to do so for a one-sentence reply of something with some public interest.

  • How else do you suggest you communicate a feature request for the software?

    MA has a global distributor network in place, that is the end user connection to the company for many reasons.
    That is why this ‘refrain’ is said so often, because it is the correct way to voice your concerns, opinions and requests.

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