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  • Hello All,

    Can the Learn Command be used to fire cues? I have a recorded song which will have lights building and moving throughout the song.

    For example: I will press GO and the song lights will start slow with a minimal lighting look for the first minute. (first cue).
    Then the lights will then brighten automatically about 1:10 minutes/seconds into the song (using a follow command?)
    Then after about 2:17 minutes/seconds it will fire the next cue automatically.
    Etc. Etc.

    Or am I looking at this all wrong... The goal is to only press the GO key once for the 5 minute song which will get quite wild about 3 and a half minutes into the song. It will have 9 cues to it and That rules out doing it manually. I also have the Sound Input on the lighting console connected to the sound board and we can send anything through that channel but ant the lighting console that works haphazardly (not very well) at best.

    This will be used during our Christmas production.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • I didnot understand why you want to use the learn Command ? ;)

    Perhaps timecode is the one your are looking for ;)

    Here you must put a TimeCode signal parallel to your song and send it to your console.

    Now you can use your timecode to fire cues ..

    Sorry for my bad english


  • Hello Nightscribe,
    no you are not looking at it all wrong- just a little bit ... :)

    "normally" you use the "learn" button/ command, when you try to catch the beat of the song.
    Example: You hear one of the awful german Humpappa (Marschmusik) Music and every humpa should be a Trigger into the next cue.

    ´The Sound Input can - of cause - Trigger also cues for you, but in some Songs, it´s hard for the console to filter out the right beat.
    This is more easy, when you are Close the the Soundconsole and the friendly soundguy gives you just the bassdrum Signal.
    But now imaginge a song like "shine on you crazy Diamond" from Pink Floyd: endless silent beginning - so this will Trigger nothing in your console reliable.

    Working with timings to trigger your cues seems to be more usefull for you, as you already know at what exact time you want what cue and for how Long this cue should be outputting, before the next command (or Timing) Triggers you the next "go".

    What is maybe much better in your case is using the timecode Signal. This is a highly exact clocksignal that starts with the song and gives you a repeatable timeline, where you can Trigger the "go" commands during recording and the dot2 puts in the trigg time for you.
    To use that, you have to store the cues you would like to have in the right order onto an executor.
    Then view your cuelist and hit the "TC record" in the Headline of the cues view.
    Start the song and the timecode and just press "go", when you like the Trigger and the console puts in the right timecode time.
    maybe this is, what you describe in your question...

    You see, there are several ways to Trigger your cues at the right Moment.

  • Thank You Michael for the in-depth explanation! I will be back programming Tuesday. Except right now, for some reason I have this urge to check out some German Umpapa music (which my wife will love since she is 100% German) and maybe a little Pink Floyd. :/

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

  • Thank you. Timecode worked perfectly for this. Have two songs programmed in.

    Any tips or tricks on this? Like adding another cue into the timecode after it's programmed. I see Master Rate works well on this also. I have that set on a slider.

    John Cerbus
    Lighting Director/Programmer
    Victory Church Fremont, Ohio