Change Select Exec for all Users

  • Trying to via Macro or Plugin change the selected exec and page for every user in the session...

    I can execute copy UPR X.9 at Y.9 which will take the seq selection.

    But I don't seem to be able to make this showfile ambiguous by using say at 1 thru .9 or at *.9 or 1 thru *.9 i would have to set them all individually.

    The issue I see is that the actual property for the selected seq isn't visible in the tree so the usual set property syntax is not good here.

    Any ideas?

    On MA2 this would have been Assign UserProfile "abc"."usersettings" /currentbuttonpage=X /currentfaderpage=Y

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  • The property that holds the selected sequences is called Handles, however it is a table.

    (remember you can select more than one sequence simultaneously)

    To my knowledge it is not possible to edit/set tables via commandline syntax..

    Lua on the other hand, loves tables.

    a Plugin with something like this should do the job

    Code: Broadcast my Selected
    return function()
      local mySelectedSequencesTable = CurrentProfile().SequenceSelection.Handles
      local mySelectedPage = CurrentProfile().SelectedPage
      local allUserProfiles = ObjectList('UserProfile Thru')
      for _, eachUserProfile in ipairs(allUserProfiles) do
        eachUserProfile.SequenceSelection.Handles = mySelectedSequencesTable
        eachUserProfile.SelectedPage = mySelectedPage

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