Recipe improvements

  • Hi

    Getting into the recipe part of MA3, I can see a few possibilities for improving the functionality of it. Particularly spread values and variable positions in a preset seems a bit awkwardly handled from a just-getting-into-it perspective at least. Ideally I would like to update my group, update my presets and be done. This without the whole cooking bit.

    An immediate idea that springs to mind (not guaranteed to be good though) could be using "from - to" presets (single fixture, universal), and a phase value as the "spread" setting. Then you could use your base presets (lead/band/out etc.) to quickly fit the show to the venue. This should also go along with the mental framework recipes as far as I've come to understand it. By using phase in this manner, color gradients would also be easy to adjust for instance.

    Ideally, there would also be a phase distribution setting; going from exponential-in, through linear, to exponential out. I'm not sure how this could be previewed in a sane manner though unfortunately.

    Hope this is considered constructive, cheers! :)