Subfixture Layout View Plugin

  • As you all may or may not know, in MA 3 you can use the camera views to help arrange elements in layouts, however this only works for the primary fixture instances, it does not work for subfixture instances.

    As a result, I built this plugin. It takes the layout view built by the camera arrangement and replaces each element with an array of subfixture elements that you provide via a template. I thought it was quite handy to have in my programming, so I figured I'd share it with all of you lovely people :)

    Code and usage instructions are on the Github page.

    Please let me know if there's ways to improve the code or if any issues show up.


  • V1.1.0 has been released!

    The major addition for the version is group layouts. This will create a group for each subfixture element for ALL fixtures selected in the main layout view and create a "groups layout" which is identical to the template layout, but with group elements instead of subfixture elements. Enjoy!

  • hi gabe just download your lua but i think it miss the xml file to be recognize when import it in Onpc (shared Lib_pluging folder)

    My bad, I did not upload the XML anywhere. You can find the XML file for import in the releases on the github page now.
    FYI, for future reference, you can just copy-paste LUA scripts into the plugin editor instead of importing an XML.

  • Dude this plugin is killer! I will give it a try later, I think that is a fantastic resource you've chosen to share here!

    Side note... what JDC profile are you using?

    Thank you!

    It's one that I built from scratch from what data I can gather from datasheets (I don't have access to one unfortunately). It currently only has the dimmer/color channels for the elements. Still working on getting all the shutter/control stuff in the profile. Getting each channel set made can be a pain sometimes, though I might just try to copy-paste that stuff from the converted MA2 profile and see what happens.
    I'll put it on GDTF-Share whenever it's done. I've only been using it for messing around in 3D, so progress is low priority. If there's enough demand, I can make it a higher priority.

  • No worries.
    NRG Sille has a great one for 3D but also has its quirks.
    It’s a bit of a battle with what being good for real life is not necessarily great for real life.

    I haven’t had a change to try your plugin out for real yet but can’t wait. Again thanks for sharing such great tools.