How to put all attributes from a feature at 0 ?

  • If I am right, back on the MA2, I would simply do "attribute ColorRGB1 thru at 0"

    Anyone knows a way to do it on MA3?

    I am actually spending time recoding my scripts on Ma3 and I have MANY questions !

    I am pretty glad though.. the new version seems to the most stable I've worked on so far. Things are more and more serious by now :)

    good job MA3 crew !

  • For now when i need to interact with the encoders i use "EncoderPage" for you need i then with use :

    At 0 EncoderPage 4

    For now i saw the EncoderPage 4 is always the color BUT for not problem in the future you can use also the syntax color

    At 0 EncoderPage "Color"

    For the single attribute you can check the list typing in the CMD "List Attribute"

    Syntax is :
    Attribute "Name" at "Value"
    attribute ColorRGB_R at 100

  • Notice that this doesn't work for any kind of Thru range?

    As in At 0 FeatureGroup 1 is fine

    But At 0 FeatureGroup 1 thru doesn't work

    Even At 0 FeatureGroup 1 thru 3 doesn't work

    Makes it hard to make generic Macros unless I'm missing something obvious??

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