MA + Number for Feature Selection..

  • is it something still active or it has completely disappeared ?

    I found it really useful on MA2.. I was just wondering if there was, maybe, just a different way to do it.


  • In general, if a hardkey has two things printed on it, the [MA] key is used to access the secondary printed function. The [2], [4], [6], ,and [8] keys have arrows printed on them as their secondary function so [MA]+[2/4/6/8] cannot be used the same way they were in MA2.

    That being said, a user-customizable attribute-encoder(page) arrangement is still on the roadmap, and when that gets implemented we'll likely see a new set of shortcuts to get a similar outcome.

  • PLEASE, i mean really PLEASE, make this accsessible in MA3. As MarkusN said, you could make a settiing in setup to toogle between Cursor aund Featuregroup!!!! As a well trained MA2 User, i´m missing this feature a lot!!!!