where to place my MA3 fixture types on a USB stick ?

  • hey folks, can someone please tell me where to place my downloaded MA3 fixture type files on a USB stick, so that the MA3 onPC software can find it?

    i place my GDTF files into D:\grandMA3\gma3_library\fixturetypes\gdtf and that works fine, the onPC software sees it.

    but where do i have to place my MA3 fixture types so that the onPC software sees it?

    thanks in advance!

  • hoss thank you, i was thinking that it will show up in the "grandMA3" section, but it's in the "User" section. and somehow i had to use another USB stick. had the same Problem with updating a MA3 2port node a while ago. the stick worked fine on a MA3 NPU but the same update file on the same stick caused a white screen on the 2port node.

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