Diffrent Timecode tracks

  • Hi

    Can MA3 see diffrance between diffrent LTC timecodes?

    I am using Reaper right now and there you have manually select a timecode in ma although you have a different file in reaper.

    Is there a way to automate this? other then having all the entire timecoded show on one file?

    can I do that with Ableton live?

  • You can leave all the timecodes to AutoStart, and have for each track a different timecode offset.
    Like first at 0m.0s.0f
    then 10m.0s.0f
    then 20m.0s.0f

    Like this you can play any different song and the correct timecode.

    in MA3 in the setting of the timecode you have the "Offset TC Slot" so you can program/playing the timecode from 0 in the timeline.

    In Reaper anyway you can by put another timecode Generator with a different point of start. (Right-Click--> source proprieties --> Start)

    I hope this can be useful for you

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